Ends on August 30, 2019

Reproductive Radio
Reproductive Radio is a PES produced podcast collecting oral histories from people that have had abortions, spanning from before Roe v. Wade to present. Starting in July, Project For Empty Space will be opening its doors and inviting individuals to tell their stories and normalize the reality of abortion in our day to day life. Reproductive Radio is apart of the PES Summer Stories Lab and the Feminist Incubator Program.

PES Feminist Incubator Program is a series of short-term residencies, happenings, conversations, performances, and public discourses focusing on the empowerment and freedom of women. The inaugural incubator (January - June, 2017) was a response prompted by mainstream attention to what has become a normalized climate of hyper-misogyny, rape culture, and dehumanization of women, and women of color. The Feminist Incubator is a means of cultivating productive and critical intersectional dialogue and is a response to violence against humanity. PES Feminist Incubator Program is now a permanent fixture in our calendar, which will provide ongoing opportunities to female identified artists. For more information visit www.projectforemptyspace.org.