Ends on August 1, 2019

Maternal Journal #2

Artist Mother Studio (Washington, DC), in partnership with Project for Empty Space (Newark, NJ) will release the second issue of the zine, Maternal Journal in the Fall of 2019. This iteration will be produced on a risograph and include written and visual content. Applicants are asked to consider the words of bell hooks from Feminism is For Everybody when applying: 

"In future feminist movement we need to work harder to show parents the ways ending sexism positively changes family life. Feminist movement is pro-family. Ending patriarchal domination of children, by men or women, is the only way to make the family a place where children can be safe, where they can be free, where they can know love."


Submissions are open to everyone, regardless of parental status. Examples of appropriate material include, but are not limited to: essays, poetry, interviews, fiction, artwork, illustrations, photography, and more! The deadline for entries is August 1st, 2019.

Artist Mother Studio (AMS) has existed in several forms since our inception in 2018. First and foremost we are an itinerant, childcare supported, studio residency for artists with children. AMS has also taken the shape of a conference at Howard University, and an ongoing zine titled, “Maternal Journal.” We acknowledge the tradition of motherhood, but seek to recognize the experiences of all types of caregivers. We hope to elevate the voices of artist caregivers and encourage important conversations about communal labor and how caregivers can leverage their experiences for positive societal change. For more  information visit www.artistmotherstudio.com

PES Feminist Incubator Program is a series of short-term residencies, happenings, conversations, performances, and public discourses focusing on the empowerment and freedom of women. The inaugural incubator (January - June, 2017) was a response prompted by mainstream attention to what has become a normalized climate of hyper-misogyny, rape culture, and dehumanization of women, and women of color. The Feminist Incubator is a means of cultivating productive and critical intersectional dialogue and is a response to violence against humanity. PES Feminist Incubator Program is now a permanent fixture in our calendar, which will provide ongoing opportunities to female identified artists. For more information visit www.projectforemptyspace.org.