About Project for Empty Space

Project for Empty Space is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating safe and equitable spaces for audiences and artists alike. PES is committed to cultivating discourse around important social issues through the catalytic lens of contemporary art. Our mission is to promote artists whose work is oriented around social impact; and to initiate conversations that engage issues of marginality, intersectionality, and cultural tolerance. Through our work we strive to create exhibitions and programming in our spaces that dispel the notion that art is meant for one type of audience. Our aim is to encourage the idea that everyone should have equal opportunity to access art. 

About Newark Artists

Newark Artists is more than a free index of artists: it is a community, hub, and home for creatives in the Greater Newark Area. The platform includes artist profiles, an art space directory, and a continuously updated list of opportunities for creative practitioners. It is a resource for artists, as well as those who seek to learn more about the Newark Art Scene. 

Originally conceived in 2018, Newark Artists was a community situated in the virtual space. Now, as we face a global pandemic that has kept many of us inside and apart, we see this resource as a new way to connect and keep the artist community thriving. 

Artist profiles feature information about practice, images of work, and external links to connect via website, email, social media, and more. Joining the database is free.

This website is powered by Project for Empty Space as an effort to continue to serve the artists and audiences of Newark.

About the Newark Artist Accelerator:

The 2022 Newark Artist Accelerator is a project grant for Newark-based, multidisciplinary visual artists. Project-based grants will be awarded up to $7,500. Proposed projects must be artist-led, and can include collaborative ventures, pop-up exhibitions, events, and interventions of an ephemeral nature that are radically accessible to public audiences. This year’s fund is made possible by the generous support of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Regional Regranting Program and The New Jersey Arts and Culture Recovery Fund.

The PES Studio Member Program is a home for culture makers. It houses over 40 artist studios, and shared spaces for creative professionals. But it is far more than space: it is community. The purpose of the PES program is to cultivate a multidisciplinary, supportive artist community. A diverse array of studio practices enhance and inspire our members,  but also lead to a wider audience of patrons, collectors, clients, and enthusiasts from all different areas.

PES Studio Members are part of a growing studio community. Members pay a monthly fee for spacious studios that vary in size  (200 - 500 sq. ft) and include 24 hour access, temperature control, complimentary high speed WiFi, kitchen access, and multiple member exhibition areas. Subsidized membership fees range from $400 - $1100, and is based on size of studio.  

Membership includes an array of expanding member programs, such as the CCC Program (visiting curators, collectors and critics), professional development workshops and events, and our ever thriving bi-annual studio tours.  

Membership criteria: Creatives working in all forms of media are welcome to apply. The program is designed for artists who already have or are interested in creating a dedicated studio practice. Applications are evaluated solely on the quality of the work as presented. PES is a proudly inclusive space. We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender, age, sexual orientation or marital status. 
We proudly welcome everyone to apply for our Studio Member Program.